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Additional Information

Why am I seeing this and not the generic one?

The main reason is to add some livery to this page and also to cut up some boredom (and also to make this kinda long to read, which will be updated in the next iteration of this 404 notice) while browsing this page. I'm also kinda not a fan of just reading out the entire 404 realizing that it's just boring, considering that most 404s are just short. Another reason is that I'll also be making some test drives in the process, making this more like a playground than just a regular 404 page that I could use (and probably you will too) that will also be applied to the rest of this site when finalized.

Here's the Wikipedia page on how 404 notices work.

Are there other pages that I might be interested in?

You can actually check out my official website that is actually quite modern than this, since I'm still starting with HTML with some external tutorials and from scratch. Included in there are most (or all) of my information, as well as my works, associations, partnerships, and social pages.

If you're too lazy to browse, you can actually check my social pages from here, too:
Reddit (someone took the original one lol)