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Updated 2/11/2021

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Personal Life

bebeciel835--Edwin Jon Hontiveros by real name--is a student at Limay Senior High School, born on October 17th, 2002. He is an enthusiast in technology with a taste of gaming and anime, as well as software development. He also excels in hardware management, denoted by the sheer amount of hardware he fixed/salvaged throughout the years. Most of his excellence in those things were from his own experience and expertise, out of curiosity.

He also houses multiple simultaneous personal activities under his sleeve, as well as his so-called 'fersonas' (an alteration of the word personas), in some extent. He currently resides in his new fersona, Emmannuel Ortega, in which he maintains throughout his social life and beyond.

He came to the internet last 2014 with the name "Joshua Lebran"--which in turn revamed as the renowned The Beloved 🌙--or short, thebelovedmoon. He also manages an ARG-based persona called hiddenuser0 as well.

He usually does his spare time looking at the Internet, playing games, making music, and so on. Moreover, he undoubtedly crams on most of his schedules, denoted by the sheer amount of projects being put on his sleeve, as well as his forward dedication that resulted in keeping him busy most of the time. If he's not doing stuff or on a break, he resorts to watching some videos--anime included, and spending his time outside taking pictures or talking to a few people.

However, it can't be denied that he is loved by many despite his hurdles and tantrums that got him out of control, sometimes. He may not be excelled in Junior High, it can be denoted by a simple reason. Citing, I usually excel if I may be suited to a particular field of study, or if society are excelling as much as I do. I expected Junior High to be much of a pressure on me ever since my first inception into this campus. As a student of the SSC--Special Science Class, I expected my classmates to be excellent as I am. Time goes on and my desire to excel seemed to deteriorate. One thing is for certain: Students resort to cheating during exams, which is THAT one thing I dislike. To be honest, I don't really care if I excel much or not. The most important is that how you observe the society around you. If you feel that classmates excel better than you, then don't put yourself down--observe what they are doing, and tell yourself if they really excel or not.

He is currently on ICT 12-A, specialized in Computer Programming, based on websites like HTML. At some time, he usually disassembles, debugs, or even resort to repair equipment--such as printers, laptops, PCs, and the like.

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