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The Story behind the Cafe

It started as a mere inspiration just came out of college. A simple inspiration of brewing the best coffee in town. In the course of development, brewing has became a hobby--a crasftsmanship made to suit a coffee lover's needs. As an avid coffee lover myself, I strive to make the perfect formula that will greatly foster newer grounds in coffeemaking industry. A standard for the future of brewing.

The first trials were not satisfactory as planned--there have been negative reviews since its soft launch around the home. But such criticisms were used as references to foster and strengthen the bond between me and my brewing expertise.

Maricel Marantal--aka "bhem"--is also one of the primary reasons why this hobby existed as a project. Her newfound dedication to coffee has led her to become a resident coffee critic. Surprisingly, she is also the brains behind this cafe, aside from critiquing it. When two thoughts combine--the critic's advice and the brewer's expertise--this cafe came together as a huge success.

Up to this very day, quality brewing is assured to ensure that customers keep coming back, along with fun stories to tell and seminars to attend to mater the skills of coffeemaking. I keep telling my good clients who are interested in doing so that brewing comes from the heart. If you put your heart into making these, you can ensure quality taste, whatever brew it may be.

The Partnership

Our success in coffeemaking has garnered us the grant for partnerships, although we could only think of none other than our benevolent Emi-san Emmannuel Ortega, who also contributed to the coffeemaking expertise. Throughout this partnership, we can ensure that quality and satisfaction is at the center of our never-ending commitment to serve only the best brew in town.