I don't really understand how the society works anymore.

I just came across a post on Facebook about a POLICEMAN surrendering to the police, because he SHOT his OWN MOTHER while his daughter asserts to his defense. HIS OWN MOTHER!


And another problem is that the case was two months ago!!! How is this possible?

Are people this blind?

Now I know that some people may be angry at this point, and I feel your wrath brought up by these types of people. I also feel your desire to change the course of destiny for the greater good.

With the behalf of CH62PH and hiddenuser0, I--bebeciel835--extend my condolences to the fallen relatives of Gregorio Family and neighbors around the vicinity of Paniqui, Tarlac; with the exception [due to condemnation] of Jonel Nuezca and his family.

Now to begin the rant that nobody cares (because obviously they all care about money and being a DDBSS)...

In all honesty, I feel really disgusted about what happened to the entire nation. All the promises for the future only to be shattered. The ABS-CBN Shutdown that really shouldn't happen in the first place. AND THIS PIECE OF SHIT RIGHT THERE. Everything and beyond is just not doing well, even for me. This is just disheartening and stupid; and it pains me to say this, but these sons of bitches are everywhere in the country, pissing everyone off. We deserve a better nation unlike the current one we're facing today.

This is all fucking wrong.

Now don't lecture me about what to say or do, because I am DONE with everything that has happened in this wretched land of lies and deception. We are supposed to be educated with due respect, but to no avail. Look at everyone around us, tired of this shit. But we're still strong, hoping that one day we can still grasp that freedom that we have.

But the problem is that most of us don't even care about their surroundings. Take Extra Judicial Killings for instance. Many innocent people died because of drug interventions. Take Red-Tagging for another instance. People were being tagged as communists even though they only want to promote justice and protection. (What the hell, Parlade???) One of these days when red-tagging became an issue, those who defended or worked for ABS-CBN can be considered communists as well. I am very sure as hell I would bet all of my possessions that that will happen.

The mentality of those who are rebels to the truth are those who think theirs are better than everyone else. I don't care who's who, and I will spend the eternity asserting my ideology of deserving the better truth.

Now I know you all may be thinking about the child in the viral post. Don't worry, more on that as long as you keep reading; this is real important.

Also, another problem is that the government doesn't seem to know the people better. People keep on babbling on what's stupid and what isn't, and I take our current President as an example to this case. Accusing various officials despite being in a middle of a pandemic when collaborating together to fight it is critical is just stupid as fuck.

I can't stress how in the hellish land one only stood just for fame while disregarding the needs of the people. It's just plain rubbish that has to be discarded BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. It could be worse, I'll tell you right now.

I'm really at a loss for what has happened here. All this rants just for show?


Now let's get this over with. I have an important message for his rebellious daughter who knows nothing but disgust.

You, my friend, are one of the most disgusting people in this land. You have no point in asserting yourself to your father's defense. That is just plain old bullshittery tactic designed to hurt the feelings of those around you. You have no right to rebel against those who deserve better. I don't fucking care if you are a child, your action is straight-up horrible. You have no point in giving people--EVEN YOUR OWN RELATIVES--the despair that you want them to deserve.

And if you thought I was done with this message, you thought wrong. I'm just getting started.

Your plan of assertion is of no use to the weak. You are raised to become good to the people around you, to show respect to the elderly. But you are a disaster to your own future. You cannot just look at your dead grandmother and shrug that shit off; that is the most shittiest, most disgusting, and the MOST FUCKING HORRIBLE thing to do, man!

Show some sympathy! Some respect! Some class! Show the people that you deserve a better world!


People will never forget what you did, and what you say.


I guess this is it, huh? You walked away with disrespect in your hands, huh? That will become your demon. Your fate. Your fate of becoming one of the most disgusting people the nation came to witness. You are a major disgrace to your family, to your friends, and to God. It's time that your decisions are to be judged.

To be honest, I am fucking done with this rant. It's killing me to see people who suffer under the hands of those who asserted their dominance against them. I don't want to hear every single bit of them ever again, because it kills my soul.

And if you think your evil side deserves to be recognized, then SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Click this link for an unreleased statement.