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In a world full of nothingness, will Rhea deserve a chance to live?

An ARG brought to life through adventures that count, this counts for another adventure that will rethink how we, as people, see through the eyes of others.

Orland Jszenger/hiddenuser0 (as himself) presents this one-of-a-kind story out of an ARG and into the lives of the readers, a story of two individuals struggling to find the answers of the other on how they got there and the ways to finally curb the lingering fear inside them, as well as finding ways of comfort and love like no other.

Story is currently in progress.

SPECIAL THANKS (updated 12/16/2021 3:44am Memphis Time):

thebelovedmoon - He's been working closely on the Intellicorp Series (in progress) for sound packs that he also worked on the new book cover for this story!